WARRIOR: Game of Death

Today we begin Serialization of a project named Warrior. We start with Game of death
whose inspiration is a movie called warrior.

Unlike the other TuesdaysXperiment projects there was no pre planning was involved . I just picked up the phone and called up Edu (a graphic designer, actor and model) who luckily happened to have time. He came with his Gym buddy and we hurriedly looked for props. Dirt(to mess up their clean vests). Tomato sauce for blood effect. Water (for sweat effect) and bandages.

My aim was to make it look like a street fight where only the winner walks out alive.

Stay tuned for the Valley of death… inspired by the movie 300 Spartans.

Disclaimer :no Animals humans were killed in the making of this photos.. though a few good punches did land accidentally





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10 thoughts on “WARRIOR: Game of Death

  1. zablon

    very nice i will like to be part of the set. thanks



    Thank you sir.Will consider you in upcoming shoots.


  2. Patrick Kihara

    Hey Murimi,

    Couldn’t help commenting. I have been scrolling back and forth on your blog posts/portfolio and Man, I like what I see. Now I know who to contact when I need a family shootout. You are simply the bomb! Keep it up!



    Thanks Patrick. Really appreciate you dropping by. more stuff coming up stay tuned.


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