TuesdaysXperiment 02:Liquid Sculpture

This week I chose to try out high speed photography. Having done something similar a while back i decided to take creativity a notch higher. The major technical differences is the method used to freeze the action. For the Previous shoot, I had used fast shutter speed, for today`s post I used flash to freeze the motion.

Having seen a lot of liquid sculptures, I decided to try something that I hadn’t seen captured before, that is two way motion,a liquid before It dissolves and a slash from another liquid.. For this, I had to do some trial and error until I came up with a working formula. First, I mixed yellow and cyan epson printer ink to give me dark greenish color, then dropped some milk closely followed by black paint with some coins in it (for the splash effect). I tried without the coins but didn’t catch anything spectacular.

I posted the images below just to show you some behind the scenes and the steps it took to get me this one image.

after I was done as you can see in the last image cleaning the crime scene was another task altogether. Word of caution to anyone who wishes to try this, cover you equipment to keep off the splashing liquid.. don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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