Tuesday-XPeriment: Yin Yang 2

Ying yang 2 is a sequel to yin yang it celebrates the interaction of male and female.. This is one shoot which I didnt have a clue of what I was going to shoot..all I knew it had to do with male and female interaction. I hadn’t visited the location before the shoot we just went with an open mind. The location was organized by Fiesta our stylist and Edu our Model provided us with a ride.

This was more of a hang out than a shoot there was no time limit or deadlines to meet and definitely no client to impose on us :). We didn’t cover all the wardrobe options we had as i forgot my spare battery in the socket right where it was charging. We got a few usable images.. the last image which I only managed to get a test shot before the battery hit empty was a salvage actually..it had technical errors but i tried all i could to save it.

Female Model:Leah Shonko find her on IG FB
Male Model: Edu aka sibwor
Stylist: Fiesta Wairimu find her on IG and FB
Location: Kitsuru








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