Thika Rd light streaks

I had been debating about this shoot in my mind for a while but this time I got to do it. In disregard to the risk factor I headed out solo into the dark armed with my camera and tripod. The shoot took like an hour (8pm to 9pm) since I had to scout for locations.

During this time I only saw one person who upon seeing me decided to change course. I could read question marks on motorist as they drove past……

Technical details

Camera: Nikon D80
Focal length: 1st Pic 18mm – sec pic 55mm – 3rd pic 23mm 4th pic 34 mm
Exposures (manual): 3 per image (8 sec 13 sec & 30sec) except for the last image which is a pseudo hdr (1 exposure)
Image quality: Camera RAW (.NEF)
Tone Mapping : photomatrix 2
Retouching: Photoshop CS4
Time spent in Post production per image : about 10-30 min

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16 thoughts on “Thika Rd light streaks

  1. dianangila

    DUDE! i have virtually just shaked your hand! hwat?! LOVE



    @dianangila Since you are a strait off the camera junkie I`ll leave the raws on my camera for your viewing later 2day at onetouch.


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