The female form

If you are a fun of the female form like me then today`s post might help ease the Monday blues. I did these a while ago while doing some practice on my lighting with mercy (can`t use her regularly as I used to since she`s now on attachment and is only available on Sundays). I posted some of the images from this test shoot on One hard light post.

The background was a seamless backdrop I designed myself (DIY is my domain). I lit the backdrop but noticed that the colors were washing off so I fitted a red filter of my background light and blam! the color was restored. I had to remove a distracting hotspot on the backdrop in post though.

Am thinking of doing two post per week (Photography on Monday and web/design/Illustration on say Thursday) but finding time for one post a week is still an uphill task (I work from 6am to 9pm) maybe this means that I need an assistant!.

Nuff said,Enjoy reading (viewing actually) the rest of the post.

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3 thoughts on “The female form

  1. mily keruboh

    Stunning model and background. the theme, any thing to do with the breast cancer month?.



    Actually no. at the time of the shoot I didn’t know Oct would be the month. Now that you`ve mentioned it I`ll consider doing one.


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