The 2015 Note

happy maasai woman

a Happy Maasai woman we met selling ornaments at lake Magadi in a recent tour.

Hello People, I`ve resurfaced with the new year after a two months hiatus . Was caught up in the beauty of the underground(chini ya maji) you know, the adorned coral reefs, the tranquility, the vast array of marine life with its kaleidoscope of colors, that I forgot to resurface. The website is in beta mode, if you have a keen eye you will notice the subtle redesign. No more unnecessary clutter. If there is something specific you can`t find try the search box.


I still haven’t figured the way forward between me and the social media, when we first met it was love at first sight but over the years the love gradually faded. I`m the old school kind, I still dig communicating with drums, horns etc… remember that faimba ad with the guy communicating to his wife with smoke .. yeah that guy is me.


I find myself going against very important marketing advice of embracing the social media and engaging in PR gimmicks so I guess that house on the hill and a Lambo is a pipe dream. I`ll tell you know what, fuck that house on the hill and the lambo too. I`ll just cruise on a black mamba bike, live in a mud hut and pursue happiness though contentment. We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we have and making the best out of it.

It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor. The Capitalist programming we got that taught us that happiness can only come from pursuing insatiable greed. bigger salaries, Bigger houses etc.

I believed this to be true untill i interacted with the people who had it all and realized they weren’t happier.

I thank all those who have been avid followers or my work and clients over the years. I may not show my appreciation through the social media (due to the estranged relationship). but I truly appreciate you.

I`m passionate about photography so I find myself putting in a lot of effort which has been paying off. I`ll keep on doing it and if that house on the hill comes I will rejoice, if it doesn’t, I won’t lick boots or bend over backwards to get it.

Wishing y`all a new year full of Happiness.

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