Most of my clients come into the studio to take photos for use in their commercial ventures mostly entertainment and products, so my goal is usually to give them the best projection of themselves or their products as possible. This calls for directed poses,make up, lighting,editing etc.

Commercial success is largely tied to image projected and rarely about the actual look. Take music industry for example, Lots of money is made mainly because of the imagery, you know.. the beautiful faces, flawless skin the ripped chest, six packs, Big breast and buttocks.. gangster look fashion etc most which (if not all of it) is superficial and make believe. If you`ve never thought of it, try googling one of the popular “hot” female entertainers and search for their actual looks without any makeovers and your jaw will hit the floor.

Enough of that. Meet Celestine,although she is an artist and an aspiring actress this shoot was not intended for any commercial use so I shot without all the glamour of make up and styling. My light source is two 60 watts incandescent bulbs (cost around 30 bob at local shops) didn’t want to use strobes (studio flash) to achieve the look and feel I wanted. I shot at 1.8 on a 50mm prime.

I also didn’t do editing per say just a basic contrast and resizing for web. Compare the first two photos to see what I mean.

The image above is the staight out of the camera Raw file (without in-camera Jpeg conversion).

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