Kenyan Photographer and creative.

How YOU or YOUR BRAND is perceived dictates your SUCCESS. When somebody looks at your photos or images that represents your brand the deductions they make determines how they interact with you. It is with this knowledge that I first create the "perfect images" in my head and use my expertise,experience, intuition and the right equipments to achieve them.

My ideas have helped Individuals like Chef Rubia, Major Corporations like The Agha Khan Foundation,NGO`s like The Brooke EA, Top celebrities like Kenya's most popular artist Willy Paul, My services have been sought outside Kenya by artist like Chikune from Namibia, Lulu Diva from Tanzania amongst many others. I also pass on the skills I have acquired by training aspiring photographers


I specialize in Commercial, Portraiture, Architectural, Glamour, Product, Fashion & Conceptual photography


I offer one on one classes on Lighting,posing,composing,compositing,retouching to newbies and photographers


I also create high-end photography and other visuals to represent you or your brand.

Please note that Hmurimi does not have any social media accounts and doest not have Agents or Representatives. Get in touch directly using the contacts at the bottom on this page

Nairobi Night in HDR

This week I got to do two things I have always wanted to do all at the same time. Night Scene and HDR. After hooking up on twitter with couple of other photographers we took to the Kenya Railway headquarters for a shootout. I didn’t manage to hook up with them in time as I was running a little late. By the time I got there It was already dark and some of them had already gotten the shots they wanted. I did a few shots and then joined in on photography discussion which turned out to be what we did most of.

It was already pitch dark and this meant really long exposures glad I had my tripod with me. The railway station is such a scenic location with railway line converging at the horizon and city lights painting the Night sky with vivid colors. I didn’t get enough of the place I plan on returning soon this time to capture the gothic hue and texture of the wrecked trains which are rusting away at the station with a model (on gothic styling) in tow.

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The female form

If you are a fun of the female form like me then today`s post might help ease the Monday blues. I did these a while ago while doing some practice on my lighting with mercy (can`t use her regularly as I used to since she`s now on attachment and is only available on Sundays). I posted some of the images from this test shoot on One hard light post.

The background was a seamless backdrop I designed myself (DIY is my domain). I lit the backdrop but noticed that the colors were washing off so I fitted a red filter of my background light and blam! the color was restored. I had to remove a distracting hotspot on the backdrop in post though.

Am thinking of doing two post per week (Photography on Monday and web/design/Illustration on say Thursday) but finding time for one post a week is still an uphill task (I work from 6am to 9pm) maybe this means that I need an assistant!.

Nuff said,Enjoy reading (viewing actually) the rest of the post.

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Making of hmurimi studio.

I went though my hard-drive looking for some documentation I had done while creating my studio lighting after receiving a number of email inquiries on my DIY studio (Lighting mostly). The lights are made from PVC pipes,straw-boards,tracing paper, high wattage energy savers and other locally available materials. Make no mistake, just because some of the equipment I use is Jua kali (Home made/DIY) it by no way mean that the product is mediocre. I`ve seen crap photos taken with cutting edge equips.

Going Jua kali was not a matter of preference, but my only option due to financial factors. I have always harboured passion for photography and started learning photography with my P&S camera ( Metering, White balance etc) but after acquiring a DSLR lighting was a necessity I couldn’t do without.

To set up this studio, meant I had to buy tools like hammers,saws,pliers,brushes pliers etc ( A good thing, just in case photography/design doesn’t work I could always turn into carpentry or plumbing ) I also had to do a crash course ( googling) on light and electricity (You just don’t mess with electricity willy nilly unless of cause you are on a death wish).

Before I embark on any project that is out of my profession, I alway carry out intensive research, every profession goes by some basic principles (layman approach to some professions like electrical installation could kill ya).

It doesn’t take architectural classes to build a structure this simple Ingenuity,logic,adherence to some basic rules and passion should suffice. I started off with measurements, symmetry is not only a requirement in aesthetics but is also essential in stability of the structure.

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Inspiration from the Gutter

Forget abduzeedo,CGsociety,Smashing mag,deviantART and the likes and welcome on board as we head to the ghetto in search of inspiration. Not inspiration on how to persevere hard times and conditions, for that kind of inspiration try Survivors TV Series.

I grew up in Mathare and as a kid used to get inspired by artworks I used to see around and wished to one day produce such work. Since then art has evolved as influence from the west infiltrated the community and art took an urban direction mostly inspired by hip hop and rock .Check out wapi at the British council to get a clear picture of what I mean by urban direction.

You don’t need art school to learn color psychology,typography, layout and flow. years of trial and error, researching and extensive reading can do that, am a living proof.

I started out by doing signs and street art. The job is not well paying but respect earned from it makes it worth while. There are times though seldom, that luck would crack a smile upon you and you wake up to well paying gig, like this one time I was contracted by Mathare Mental Hospital to do some signage for them. I used to go home with about 8K a day the contract lasted four days, that was in 2002. what did I do with the money?.

I started a t-shirt design project and bought me a Ghetto blaster (Hewa Mwenda) with the remainder. My neighbour cursed the day I took the music system home. ( I suspect he must have sought some ear plugs or something, how else would he have survived?).

I took lots of pictures (like 200) and they fit into several categories, the good,the Crude and the Hilarius/ridiculous ones (they are sure to crack you up). I decide to feature some of the good ones and do a future post of the crude and hilarious ones. Most artist whose work appear here are my peeps who we used to collaborate with on big projects while some used to be my competitors. Some of these images were shot by my friends Sadio and Ide as I couldn`t manage alone. the activity took the whole day!.

FYI: All these are LOMO pictures taken with my P&S Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55.

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