Onetouch Live:Suswa

Some time last month I went on a photographic expedition In Suswa with a couple of friends from Onetouch. A great adventure it was, but wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for our tour guide who led us to beautiful sceneries we otherwise would have missed.

This shot is actually staged Mwarv here wasn’t busy shooting rock textures as the photo depicts.

Nyingez our Videographer

JOe Makeni Enjoying the scenery

Inside the caves were large colonies of bats Millions of them but photographing them was difficult as place was heavy with Guano (Bat Poop) Suspended in the air.

Saw this beautiful light falling form a hole on the caves roof and asked Amush to strike a pose

Thats all Folks. I`m not going to show you all the images I took… My be some other time.

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