Night photos of nairobi

Night photos of nairobi

I Got around to finally shoot night photos of nairobi again after months of postponing. A fellow onetouch Mr. Mwarv was going to take some night shots of Nairobi so I joined him.

For those of you who are in the dark technically about how these images were obtained I`ll try to explain, first you need a lens that can shoot at a very wide angle in this case I used a 10mm, the downside is that the images will have to be distorted which isn’t always a bad thing when you are going for something dramatic.
You will need a tripod to hold the camera still as a slight shake ruins the shot, if However you are out to shoot abstract art or doodles you can hand-hold it.Then you have to take a couple of images at the same camera position with each image varying in brightness. Then you`ll numb your butt in a chair as you work on the images on a computer to combine sets of images from each angle into one to give the feel and style that you want. Takes lots of effort only people who are passionate enough can pull this off when money is not the motivation.

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