Nairobi Under attack

Nairobi destruction vfx

Am not trying to be a prophet of doom here, should this happen it shall be by pure coincidence.I`ve often seen cities destroyed in movies and figured why not destroy Nairobi.
This is a revived project after I got busy and abandoned it. It was no easy task I spent lots of time on finding the right images for the composition.

I decided not to destroy the KICC instead I decided to show a few seconds before its destruction… how else would someone know its Nai?!.

I chose panorama(wide aspect ratio) view because it displays images within a greater field of view than ordinary cameras and the human eye can take in. While a human eye can take in only 70 degrees to 160 degrees of a given scene, a panoramic view generally includes 180 degrees of a field of view i needed to show case this spectacle.

I didn’t have enough time to find a panoramic photo of Nairobi so I devised an ingenious way to do this- I picked the Parliament from another picture and altered it to fit into perspective and added a few buildings on the left of the KICC.

For those interested on the BHS below are the images I used in the composition. most of them can be recognized but some have been duplicated flipped around,filtered, blended,wrapped, distorted, mutilated,burned or dodged beyond recognition.

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