Nairobi Night Photos Hdr

Nairobi night photos HDR

A couple of weeks ago I hooked up with fellow photographers to make beautiful Nairobi night Photos in HDR (high Dynamic Range). The fear of sleeping in Cold City Council cells kept us looking over our shoulders Kila dakika since we had not acquired permission to shoot. With our tripods and Gigantic DSLRs it was hard to be inconspicuous.

As if tempting fate, we were daring enough to shoot a few blocks from City hall. We however managed without any incidents except for the curious motorist and by passers. Most of this photos I took them with three or more different camera setting and them layered them together in a technique called HDR( High Dynamic range) generally a camera can`t capture all the details you see in one take.

Nairobi is a beautiful city especially during the night when lights come to life painting the streets in beautiful vivid colors. The sky was also good offering dramatic clouds which were nicely lit by the moon

So go on soup up your device with some night photos of nairobi wallpaper.

beauty of nairobi city at night

nairobi at night

nairobi street at night

nairobi night kimathi street

night photo of nairobi

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