Nairobi Night in HDR

This week I got to do two things I have always wanted to do all at the same time. Night Scene and HDR. After hooking up on twitter with couple of other photographers we took to the Kenya Railway headquarters for a shootout. I didn’t manage to hook up with them in time as I was running a little late. By the time I got there It was already dark and some of them had already gotten the shots they wanted. I did a few shots and then joined in on photography discussion which turned out to be what we did most of.

It was already pitch dark and this meant really long exposures glad I had my tripod with me. The railway station is such a scenic location with railway line converging at the horizon and city lights painting the Night sky with vivid colors. I didn’t get enough of the place I plan on returning soon this time to capture the gothic hue and texture of the wrecked trains which are rusting away at the station with a model (on gothic styling) in tow.

My fist shot with the camera facing community (Next to uhuru park). I have always know the human eye to be perceptive to a wider color gamut (than cameras), but after a couple of exposures I am left wondering whether this is a good thing (no matter how long I stare at an object my eyes never seems to bring the visual ecstasy I at times capture on long exposures).

I turned the camera around and shot the opposite side of the railway and just as I was settling luck struck, a train just appeared at the horizon with Its headlight glaring, Damn! this is gonna be good! am gonna be painting with light!. The beam you see crossing over to the horizon was produced by light trail from train`s headlight as it entered and exited the frame during exposure (which lasted about 30 sec). The booming at the interception with the horizon niced up the effect. Where`s the train?, it was moving and wasn’t lit enough to be picked up by the camera!.

On my way home I decided to capture one more scene at the globe round about. The building at the horizon is paramount plaza in Ngara. This area is manned by street families and gangs but I decided to shoot despite being cautioned against it by the security guards at the meridian hotel. I called it a day after a gang showed up accused me of filming them. at one point I chased the gang with a tripod ( they thought it was a bazooka and fled the scene!).

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10 thoughts on “Nairobi Night in HDR

  1. sgacheru

    Great pics man. I agree with Mutua Photo #2 is the best! Btw have you recently made design changes to your blog. It looks really good!



    @sgacheru, am always making front and back-end changes to improve user xperience.


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