Music Poster Photos for Pace Kenya

Music Poster Photos for Pace Kenya. Pace is one of the artist I enjoy working with, he puts quality over budget this allows for creative freedom. This images are for posters and press to promote his Music


This was for his latest single Napata which has a soulish feel to it and lots of guitar Produced by the legendary Producer Tedd Josiah.
Lighting was very crucial to bring out the energetic airy feel so I set up a three point lighting to give me this effect. We used a regular wooden guitar which I later colored in post the shattering effect was also done in PS.

twende Safari


The shoot was for some promo concepts for “Life Ya Tao” a.k.a Twende Safari, a hot new single by a new artist called Pace. The song had been receiving rave reviews after he launched it yesterday at Onefm`s Drive show. take a listen here >.. Twende Safari The Location was Moi avenue Near the TSC.


This was for the promo of his new song Titled songa..

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