The end of hmurimi?.

Definitely not, but today`s photo bears some symbolism. Yesterday I woke up to sad News on Daily nation. A notice on page 15 gave us up to Monday (31st Jan) to vacate our premises. Apparently the estate my studio is located was under contention and the court had ruled in favour of NYS who claim ownership.

It took lots of time to find this location and lots of efforts in convince the owner to allow me deface the premises to suit my needs. photography requires lots of space so I had to bring down some sections to create space and work on some areas like tiling the floor,partitioning etc.

The landlord refused to give back the Goodwill so finding another location will require lots of time and effort. I`ll take this time to amass my strength and aim higher. Who knows this may be natures way of pushing me off my comfort zone so that I take step higher.

At the moments efforts are being made to get a court injunction so am keeping my fingers crossed.If things don`t work out by today I`ll be packing my equipments tomorrow ( In case you din`t know NYS acquired bulldozers and machinery thrice the size of the ones being used on thika Rd. My guess is the students have been learning demolition in theory so they`re eager to do practicals .

Today`s image is a photo manipulation made from four different images. The buildings you see in this image are amongst the ones to face demolition. Despite being on the edge hmurimi flag will keep on peperuka`ing.

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7 thoughts on “The end of hmurimi?.

  1. Eddah

    At times clouds come floating into life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.


  2. Reez Timam records

    You are a great mitivation to me, You have the talent and your hard work is paying, tough n rough times are ment to make us stronger. Mtu wa biddii ata awekwe kwa desert bado atapata njia… morale



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