finally, hmurimi is back!

let there be light
After disappearing for months am back and ready for serious web presence and regular blogging. I`ve been off for a while due to some upgrading that was taking place both at hmurimi Studio and hmurimi website. I was also immersed deep into books to expand my knowledge in Photography and Web design. hmurimi now offers Proffessional photography after setting up a fully functional photo studio.

I never thought photography was such an expensive venture. Window shopping almost got me discouraged  (try asking or googling the price of DSLR cameras you`ll know what I mean)

I wanted a Nikon model which had to be imported!. I toured most camera shop and the only model I could find was canon.The Camera I acquired cost the same as a Second hand low end Toyota not forgetting that one has to buy accompanying gears like backdrops,props,stands,lighting and a whole lotta things.

Buying the camera depleted all my resources so I had to think of alternative method of acquiring the other equipments.  I decided to take the matter into my own hands, literally by constructing my own lighting, backdrops,reflectors etc, I spend some time in river road, Gikomba,and local hardwares finding the required materials. I got a fair share of “are you nuts! ” looks on most of  the electronic and hardware shops as I made inquiries ( I managed to get most of the Stuff they thought I was nuts asking )  the studio is now up and running.

I got a Chance to exercise some physics and engineering when Creating this lights, stands,bookends,reflectors etc it was challenging but seeing them work perfectly is enough consolation.

Upgrading the Website

Upgrading the website was also another challenge which sent me back into books, I wanted to run the blog under some blogging platform and have the photography portfolio  run on some CMS . I spent lots of time researching on the best system to use and settled on WordPress but had no  knowledge on the structure of it. So I dedicated a few hours a day to learn WordPress   with the background I have In xHTML, CSS, and PHP it didn’t take me long beforeI was able to code my own theme and call up wordpress function as I pleased.

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5 thoughts on “finally, hmurimi is back!

  1. sgacheru

    I love your site design. You have no idea how refreshing it is to find a fellow Kenyan designer who actually does his own (good)designs and not steal some template then change the colour scheme and brag about it. Kudos!

    WordPress is the best CMS out there. I hope you used it for more than a blogging platform coz you could easily have customized it to run your whole site.

    ‘I am a self proclaimed xHTML/CSS #000(black) Belt’ thats really cool:)



    @sgacheru, My Photography Port uses wp as CMS.


  2. Albert Kiviri

    Wax yako iko juu 2 sana ras,however work on the bit of illustration polish it a bit.Na ukiweza come up with a character to your name.Najua unaweza.kudos.Bato


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