Corporate Portraiture

I normally post every Tuesday so this blog post was supposed to happen yesterday but my Internet connection went down. Some time back I was hired to shoot corporate portraits for a law firm for their new website. I Hadn’t done this type of photography before but I was confident I would pull it off .

To some, It may seem pretty easy, but I assure you it all depends on your skills. Sometimes technical know how isn’t enough to get you through. In some situation you need patience, a sense of humour, humility, courage etc. For this shoot technical knowhow and a sense of humour was enough.

I`ve realized that I`m mostly treated like a dentist, when I grab my camera even the seemingly strong starts to quiver, what usually follow is, ..what do you want me to do? How do I pose? don`t photograph me when I am Smiling It always come out awful, don’t make me look fat,thin etc .

My subjects during this shoot were confident, but we all are concerned on how the photos depicts us either strong, happy, vibrant, warm hearted, easygoing etc. For this shoot the Lawyers had to look confident and at the same time approachable getting exactly that sometime requires a lot of directing and this shoot was no exemption.

Telling people to smile isn’t going to cut it. Mostly what you get is a grin. telling people to shout cheese and such sounds lame to me so you`ll never catch me doing that, to get the facial expressions I was looking for I had to humour them.

HERE is how they used the images on their site. hover mouse over RH Team and visit each profile.

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