Chef Rubia Publicity photos

Chef Rubia is one of the top Kenyan Chefs with culinary skills and passion to match.He also does cooking shows and currently has a morning segment every Friday 8:30 am to 9:00 on K24`s Alfajiri show He is articulate about every aspect of his work even when it comes to his image. he approached me with the intent of having images that would help create and buzz and curve out an image that would set him apart from other chefs, so we brainstormed and came out with these images. The aroma from the props we were using(we had to cook in my studio kitchen to have the fire effect and steamy spagetti). for the fire we did several shots and wasted quite some brandy which was used to ignite the fire in the pan.

chef Rubia

Kenya creative chef Photo

chef rubia Food  store

chef rubias Photographer

kenyan chef photography


kenyan celebrity chef

Here is an episode from the k24 show

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