Capturing the smoke BTS

Capturing the Image above was not a just a case of point and shoot. This was a result of a two lights setup, subtractive bookends to capture spills and a number of takes. I was looking to capture smoke as it curls and curves against a black backdrop ,the concept needed two image the Inhalation and Exhalation.

The shoot went just as I had pictured in my head but not without some glitches. below are the behind Scenes Images.

The shoot started ok but in the above image the background is showing I needed the background pitch black so i had to adjust my setup till the ratio was about 1:2 on the subject with the camera warning indicating black clipping on the areas i wanted underexposure.

A few shots later .. the background looks better and the idea is coming along just fine. but the Cigarette gives in!. Luckily a shop is just next door.

lighting the second cigarette

Some time the smoke and the light was too much for the poor guy.

Yeah, at times we even sought Devinne intervention from the gods of smoke.( Not that we Knew they existed its was just incase they did).

at times smoke ignored our wish and heeded the gravity call, On this Image I had locked the focus and receded a few steps without remembering to refocus thus the soft focus.

We had fun too!, and I did get close to what I had in mind.

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