Building Chef Rubia`s brand

Started working with Chef Rubia a while back and have witnessed his brand grow from mainly events catering to a TV cooking show host for leading TV stations in Kenya like NTV,CITIZEN and K24, Consulting Chef to various top hotels and Head Chef at Tunes Hotel westlands. He has also been featured in numerous publications and worked with many companies in Kenya and abroad. He also attended Zimbabwe food festival where they had invited him as a special guest among many other achievements. Catch him at Tunes Hotel which has one the Coolest rooftop restaurant in Nairobi.

He has also been nomited in this year’s(2018) Chef’s Delight awards.

We first started by designing his logo and website and later introduced him to photography and blogging, his hardwork and consistency eventually payed off. He now Runs where he shares recipes and stuff..go check it out he has very good recipes and his photography is legit to say the least. you can also stalk him on facebook or Instagram

Here are some of the photos we`ve been doing.

Chef Rubia`s kiitchen

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