branches and Fog

Hello good people. This is a second installment of This shoot I posted Tuesday last week. This time the experiment was with fog/smoke and twigs. Well… not everything worked as I had envisioned but I did learn alot from it.

The idea was to create fine art photography to be printed on canvas etc.

From here on I will be illustrating most of the posts so if you love cartoons thats more reason to be checking out my posts


I borrowed a panga from a shamba boy close by and raided surrounding trees for twigs ferrying them into the house. I could see the shamba boy struggling trying to get a hold of what was happening and probably even tempted to call Nyumba kumi initiative and report suspicious activity. I could guess what was going through his head.. does this guy keep elephants as indoor pet?, Is he a herbalist?, has he lost it?,is he into sadistic rituals?

This is one of the images I did.


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