about hmurimi


Started making money from art at the age of 10. I did wall hangings for my neighbors and drew adventure swahili comics books inspired by Juha kalulu and charge fellow pupils 2kshs to read. Had to make my own drawing book though, by plucking those plain pages found in textbooks. (criminal I know but hey, Ninja had to draw)

Had hoped to study art in high school but it wasn’t in the school curriculum so I formed an arts Club in school and we found a patron who knew about art. As our Math/classroom master Mr. Kahoro was yapping about equations and fractions I was drawing a caricature of him. He did catch me one day..my butt hurt for a week as a consequence.

My proudest moments then was getting funding and permission for me the Chairman and the art club secreatry to come to nairobi and buy drawing materials.. We drew some kick- ass art about environmental pollution and went up to provincial level in science school competition. I used the clubs resources ( abuse of office. A crime. ) to draw a comic book hoping to publish it, Sasa Sema the publishers who had promised to publish it later flipped on me claiming the digital revolution was screwing em up.

After high school, I had a fee balance, my paps told me to hustle the money since im 18 and pay up. I said screw it, never even bothered to know what I scored. Though definitely it must have been E in Maths and probably A in Biology and Swahili.(since they didn’t involve any maths of cause).

After hustling in all major newspapers and realizing that the top cartoonists there didn’t want to be retired by some youngsters. I pursued magazines in stead. My first work was published by kenya`s first glossy beauty magazine called Hair and Beauty. Later on, I landed a big Gig.. about 6 pages in the then top east african Bi-monthly children margazine called MANENOWORLD, where i drew comics for about fours-five years.

I would later land my fattest check from Ogily & Mathers after doing a series of energizer adverts where an enagizer mascot was a superhero.. At this time I was really wishing I`d meet Mr. Kahoro the maths teacher and wave the check at him him yelling in your face. He told me I would never amount to much.

The first thing I bought with the cheque was those large antenae nokia phones which you had to carry around in a backpack (those things were HUGE!)

In stead of buying a TV which btw i grew up without, I purchase a computer and and A TV card and that was the birth place of Hmurimi. I learnt graphic design using the help files and downloaded pirated learning materials (criminal again. damn.)

fast forward >>>


hmurimi is a culmination of passion, hardwork,resilience,innovation and honesty. that started as a 3sq meters kiosk in Mathare slums where I did graphic design, web design (also self taught) and took passport size photos using a nikon point and shoot camera since the space couldnt allow a full length photo. As my clientile grew i had to move to a bigger place and since i could not afford exprensive photography gear I invented mmy own read how I did it here it was from there that the business grew to where it is today.


I help people advance their brand or raise their perceived personal value using carefully crafted photography, web design and graphic design.


To acquire a large warehouse with a garden and build a mega photography/videography studio to offer affordable production by using CGI instead of building actual sets or even building massive sets if the budget allows for it.


By pushing the limits of endurance with a bunch of adrenaline junkie while exploring the country and even bordering countries on our bikes

To retire off the grid in a self sustaining custom designed house on a hilly countryside where I`d do mainly fine art photography/painting and also do organic farming/Livestock as you guys are plugged into AI, have no free will and cant tell what is real or what is simulated. ha!.